Website development

As we have mentioned before, the development of your website should be all about pleasing the audience. A potential customer needs to come there and feel at home. Or at the very least feel like buying. Everything has to be put into a logical order and easy to find. If you are a webshop for example, you need to have the support details where everyone can see them. If a customer has questions, these should be answered quickly enough to generate trust and make a person want to buy. But that is not all you should pay attention to.


Believe it or not, colours can make a big difference when it comes to website design. Subconsciously, most people associate certain colours to certain things, events or moments. Just try for yourself. A colour combination of red and yellow makes you remember something? Probably McDonald’s. And blue and yellow probably makes you think of Ikea. But there’s more to keep in mind when it comes to choosing colours. After all, you want to set a certain tone that needs to be appropriate for your target audience.

Loading time

Nothing is more annoying than a website that doesn’t load. Or one that loads way too slowly. This will make a big part of the customers leave faster than they came and you should try to avoid this from happening at all times. Fortunately, there are many options to make the website load time faster for all devices and even for connections of less quality. You can for example make the images smaller. Then you have to pay attention to the image quality, because that is just as important as the load time. There are also tools available to compress the images and make sure they don’t take up as much space.


You have to be consistent all over your website. So you cannot use the design of one company on one page and the design of another on your other pages. Unless of course, inconsistency is your theme. But then you should be consistent with that. Also, price consistency is very important. You cannot advertise a product for 10€ on the homepage, only for it to cost 12,50€ at checkout. These are mistakes that will cost you customers. And that’s a pity since they are easy to avoid.


Of course it’s nice to animate your page, if not with a mascot that leads visitors through the website. However, make sure that this mascot doesn’t create too many distractions. It can be nice for the time on page if he convinces visitors to stay longer. But this won’t help you if they don’t end up buying anything. So when you use distractions, make sure they are balanced. If you can, you should test them out with your own family or friends first, to see if they have the desired effect. Of course, you can also come to us as we are always ready to help out.

Trusted partners

Do you have a more serious website, then it might be nice to team up with some trusted partners. But even if your site is more playful, you can write press releases and send them to media outlets for the public to learn about you. Once these get published, you can try to get interviews or just add the news pages’ logo’s on the bottom of your site, linking them directly to your press release. This always creates a bit more trust for the people before they actually start buying at your site. And the more trust, the better of course.