Social media

Nowadays it’s unthinkable to have a company without any social media presence. Profiles are almost becoming more important than company websites. In some countries we operate in, like Malta, a lot of small businesses don’t even bother anymore to create a website. Instead they just use a Facebook profile. While we obviously don’t support this, we do need to acknowledge that this is how the country works. And luckily we have very knowledgeable people in our social media team, that can help these companies grow their online presence in no time. We are specialised in 5 different platforms, which we will elaborate below.


You probably have or had a personal Facebook account at one point in your life. So you might know how many people actually visit company profiles in order to get more information or read reviews. When you are thinking about going to a restaurant, you might find the opening hours, menu and more on the Facebook profile. Often this is updated more often than the company website. Also, a lot of times you can learn a lot from the reviews and from the number of likes a company gets. If a restaurant has 2.000 likes you’d be more likely to go as well than if it had just 200 likes.


Nowadays it seems like everybody is trying to be an influencer. Although that can be a lot of fun, it’s also hard work. Even more for companies than for people. A person is much more aware of the effects of liking a company than of liking another person. That’s because a company is on the platform for promotional reasons. And for this reason it’s smart to not just go and randomly post items, you need a strategy created by people who know what they are doing. That’s where we come in.


Making videos takes a lot of time, money and effort for a company, while they can significantly increase the company engagement with the audience. We will get to know your company and its target audience. Then we will create suiting scripts which will be played out and filmed by our professional team of freelancers. These people have years of experience working in the entertainment industry and are very flexible in taking on different roles. So you don’t have to worry about a project being politically correct, we take care of it.


This is a much newer platform, mainly directed towards a younger audience. It cannot be overlooked though. Most companies we work with target these youngster as they are the future and often the early adapters of a new idea of product. That’s why we also have a team of freelancers available to create the clips that are thought out and scripted by us. These teams work together perfectly and if you want to receive some examples of our previous work, let us know. We will be happy to send you everything that you need.


In today’s day it seems to be getting harder and harder to attract and retain good employees. Companies need to put in more effort into it. Just a pool table in the break room won’t cut it anymore; nowadays employees expect free smoothies, free lunches or standard work from home days. And the companies are more than willing to not only provide it, but also flaunt it on sites like LinkedIn. After all, this is where people go to look for a new job. So this is where you should appeal to those job seekers and we can help you with it, like nobody else.