SEO Campaign for Cheeky Win Casino

Cheeky Win Casino is a casino from the UK that wanted us to take care of an SEO campaign for their free spins no deposit no wager campaign. This is pretty good for an online casino, as most of them offer no deposit free spins with much higher wagering requirements than usual bonuses. We thought that this would be a piece of cake. Well, a piece of cake in the online casino world. As this industry is highly competitive, it was very likely that the piece of cake would be dangling around in front of us, where we might or might not be able to grab it.

A lot of casino news

We wanted this special promotion by Cheeky Win Casino to get a lot of attention, so we created a lot of news articles and blog posts about it. This was a temporary casino campaign so we had to get as much attention as possible to it within the shortest possible time frame. So we started posting one news article on the Cheeky Win Casino website and one blog post a day on the Cheeky Win Casino blog. But that was not nearly enough. We also wrote news articles and blog posts for affiliate sites and casino blogs in order to make sure that the special campaign would be promoted by as many outlets as possible.

Focus on the casino keywords

When you want to win the SEO race, you need to focus on the keywords that you want to promote. In this particular case, there were three; free spins, no deposit and no wager. Maybe a fourth one being no deposit free spins. We had to make sure that every news article or blog post title had at least two of the three main keywords in it and all three keywords needed to be inserted into one of the headers. Also, we did try to ensure that all articles had at least 500 relevant casino words.

A special casino landing page

In order for the casino promotion to be a success, we needed a special landing page for the no deposit, no wager free spins. So that everyone who read about it, would be able to click on a link and navigate straight to the page where he could get those free spins. We had to convince the affiliates and link sites to link straight to our special casino promotion page as well. Usually they don’t like to use external links and use only one link per casino, directly to the sign up page. Many of the casino affiliate sites only agreed to do this on the condition that we’d give them a better exclusive welcome bonus after the promotion was over. Which we promised. So it might be worth checking out Cheeky Win Casino bonuses every once in a while, even after this promotion ends. This is great news for players who were too late to be entitled to this promotion.

Result of the casino promotion

As we said before, the casino industry is highly competitive. And we were also working within a limited time frame. Usually when you do an SEO campaign for a casino you get at least a year to roll everything out slowly and with care. Unfortunately, this had to be done aggressively and quickly. However, we and Cheeky Win Casino as well, were quite happy with the results. In the end there were 20% more players of which 17% made two deposits in the first month. For an online casino these are great numbers, especially considering that the casino campaign only ran for a total of three months. It was not only our effort though, because a no deposit, no wager free spins offer is really too good to not take advantage of. Especially since the free spins were all for a NetEnt game called Vikings. This is a very popular casino slot machine, that many players love to pay for. Imagine how much they’d love to get it for free. Now we only need to find a way to compensate the existing players, as they were not entitled to this great bonus. Maybe we’ll recreate the same promotion for them in the future.