Project: Seafood Bar Amsterdam

This is a very special social media campaign, because of the client. The client, which you might have heard of, is the Seafood Bar in Amsterdam. Karst-Jan Huiting, the founder of the bar, had a special vision. He didn’t want to create an ordinary seafood bar, he wanted to make it special. That’s why this bar eats, breathes and lives seafood. Besides having seafood on the menu, you can order cocktails named after creatures of the sea. But the most special thing about it is the way it was build.

On top of the world

The seafood bar is located on the top floor of a 20 story building in the centre of the Amstel in Amsterdam. This is a fancy neighbourhood, but the building is even fancier as it houses a five-star hotel called the Marquise Suites. But the Seafood Bar is independent and not exclusive to the hotel guests. As it houses on the 20th floor, there is a magnificent view. But that’s not all by far. Around the restaurant, there’s a balcony made out of glass. It’s of course multi-layered glass and what’s special about it, is that in between these layers, you can find a real aquarium with sea animals swimming around in it. If you look through that, you can see what’s 20 stories below you as it is also completely transparent. To keep up with the sea life theme, the walls inside are also made of huge aquariums that are filled with the same kind of sea life that you can find on the balcony. This is actually quite breath taking, so you can imagine there is plenty of room for photo ops. And that is the basis of our campaign.

Photographers and influencers

First we thought, with a venue this nice there must be a way to generate free publicity. So we advertised all over Facebook and Instagram about this free event for influencers and photographers. For this we used free methods like events pages and posting in relevant groups. Everybody who wanted to come had to sign up to get a free entrance pass. We also made it seem like there was a limited number of entrance passes available to make the event seem even more exclusive. The event happened at a time that the bar is closed, so we didn’t interfere with the daily operations. Better yet, we contributed to them, because the influencers and photographer needed to eat and drink in between taking pictures. On the day itself we organized a competition. Out of all the influencers and photographers who would add the location to the picture that they would post of this day, a lucky winner would be chosen to get a private afternoon in this luxurious bar, with free drinks and dinner afterwards. It’s incredible how much response and free publicity this stunt got us. And that made us look even further into the social media channels.


As we had noticed that the biggest part of the influencers attending this event consisted of Instagram influencers, we knew we had to do something to keep captivating them. We had all of the email addresses of the people that came to the first event and asked them if they wanted to promote a second event in exchange for free tickets. We wanted the second event to be even more exclusive and charged an entrance fee of €50 per guest. Of course, all influencers with over 10K followers who were willing to add the location to the picture could get in for free, but we didn’t tell them that. Soon enough we started getting even more free publicity for our second event that generated a full house as well.

Event pictures

This time we decided to take event pictures and use these for Facebook ads. We chose the pictures with the most mature looking influencers or combinations of photographers and influencers that could be a couple and advertised a great night out at the Seafood Bar. Obviously we mixed these pictures with pictures of the food and cocktails and soon enough the Facebook page started filling up with likes. Just the way we had planned it would.