Dogs Working

Welcome to Dogs Working, we are an online marketing agency that started in 2012. We started out as a small web design agency, but soon learned that our clients also needed help with their online marketing efforts. That’s when we hired a social media specialist, an ads specialist and an SEO specialist. Right now we are 20 people in total, 10 times as much as when we started and we are still going strong. Of course, we owe it all to our amazing clients, that we have collaborated with so well over the past years.

The founders

Jelle van Arragon is one of the founders. He studied Front-end development at the University of Maastricht where he met the other founder, Sander Vondermans, who in turn studied Back-end development at the same university. When they were asked to create a website for their fraternity, they bonded. All through university, they collaborated together in creating websites for small businesses. So it was no surprise when they finally decided to start a company together after graduation. In the beginning they struggled a bit. After all, it’s a lot harder to find fulltime work than an odd job here and there. But after a couple of rough years, the company took off and it has been growing ever since.

Head of Social Media

The head of social media is Rolien Burks. This girl studied Communication at the Inholland Hogeschool in Diemen and moved to Maastricht for love soon after. She started a social media account to let her friends know about life on the other side of the country and almost immediately went viral with her fun outlook on life. Once her Instagram account, @rollinwithrolien, hit 100K followers, she started out with a YouTube channel as well. This has only increased her popularity. No wonder that she was chosen as the first social media specialist at Dogs Working.

SEO Guru

Abel Bekedam moved to Malta at age 18. Once there, he started working as a customer support specialist for a big casino. After two years he was able to get promoted to the SEO department, where he picked up the basics pretty quickly. As the iGaming world in Malta is quite competitive, SEO is a big, if not the biggest, part of online casinos. So it may be no surprise that in 5 years at the SEO department, Abel was able to become a true SEO Guru. He even managed to become a keynote speaker at some prestigious Maltese events before moving back to Limburg.

Ads Expert

When Pieter Reef finished his education, it was not easy finding a job. Especially since it was the height of the financial crisis in 2011. That’s why, when a recruiter approached him about a job in Ireland, he jumped on the chance. Even though he had never thought of the business before, he had always wanted to work for the government, he soon started working for a Google Vendor as an Ads Specialist. While enjoying what he did, he also wanted to expand and took Facebook and LinkedIn ads courses in his spare time. This turned him into a true ads expert.

Website developers

Since we started out as a company that develops websites, the biggest part of our team consists of website developers. After all, that’s usually how we start out with a customer. They need a new website and only after that is built, we can think about ads or social media efforts. But we do expect our other departments to keep growing as well as more and more customers are coming in for the side services only.