Creation of the brand identity for La Cubanita

When you hear the name La Cubanita, it’s not difficult to understand that we are talking about a Cuban restaurant. Or at the very least a Spanish tapas restaurant with a Cuban touch. And what is Cuba famous for? That’s right, first of all cigars, but also classic American cars and great cocktails. So when this restaurant asks you to create a brand identity, you take all of this and more into account. Let’s show you how we got to the current style, which we hope you like.

The colours

If anything you can say about Latin Americans is that they are on fire. It doesn’t matter whether you are referring to their great dancing skills or just the spicy food, fiery is the best way to describe them and Cubans are no different. That’s why we knew we had to make the colour red a big part of the colour pattern for this brand identity. Another nice bonus is that red is often associated with cheap as many cheap chain stores have a bit of red in their identity as well. It’s suiting here because this is a low budget, all you can eat tapas restaurant.

The logo

For the logo we had to choose a sensual font. The combination of Cuba and red is sensual to begin with, so we thought that we might as well continue down that path. That is why we chose the silhouette of a woman dancing and holding her dress to accompany the company name in the logo. Other than the colour red and the silhouette, the logo ended up containing the company name in the Waymar Script logo. This gave us exactly the look that we aimed for and that we could roll out in other aspects of the identity.

The menu

Of course the menu includes a lot of the same aspects that the logo has. Its borders are the same red colour as the logo, while the logo is portrayed in red. On the menu itself, the silhouette from the logo is substituted for a silhouette of the same woman who is bowing down while holding the same dress. She does this next to all the headers like appetizers, main courses, deserts, etc. These words are also written in Waymar Script, to keep the style the same everywhere. The menu itself is written in Arial as it is easier to read and behind the menu are images of the food that can be ordered.

The goodies

A restaurant always wants to be remembered by its guests and its wants to be talked about in a good way. One way to accomplish this is by giving out goodies. Especially if these are useful. Imagine giving out a pen to a customer and that customer laying it on his desk. While he is working a friend may call to ask him if he wants to go out for dinner. It would be great if he would then see your pen and suggest your restaurant. This is something we wanted to accomplish for La Cubanita. We gave out red pens with a white logo to all customers in the first month. Then we introduced more goodies in the same colour, but we gave them away less often. Only during birthdays and other special events. This because the goodies like USB-ports and powerbanks are quite expensive to give out.

The end result

The brand identity for us turned out as we had hoped. We have a list with a few things that a brand identity has to comply with and the one for La Cubanita checked them all. The owners of the restaurant were also quite satisfied and they are asking us to start a social media campaign for them soon as well. This happened because the brand awareness in the areas where the restaurant is active went up by 40% since we changed its identity. Visits also went up, but not by as many. This is a good thing as the restaurants are usually pretty full as it is. That is why we will only start with the social media campaign after the restaurant has expanded and gets more room to receive more customers.