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As you are probably aware of, physical stores in the Netherlands are suffering a lot from the presence of online stores. Big names in retail are also forced to go online and offer their goods on this new platform, but none of them are really happy about it. Which is understandable because they can hardly compete with big online retail stores that operate exclusively online and therefore save a lot of costs on store space etc. These online retailers can obviously offer much cheaper prices, making life for physical retailers even harder. One of the companies that is suffering is This is actually a physical store that went online as well and asked us to lead their Google Ads campaign.


When you start a Google Ads campaign, it’s important to think of a strategy first. To start this strategy, you should define how you will order your campaigns and ad groups within your account. We decided to create campaigns for every item on the main menu of the homepage. In this case we were talking about Nieuw Binnen, which would consist of dynamic ad groups only, Heren, Dames, Kinderen, Sneakers, Voetbal, Hardlopen, Fitness, Meer Sporten and Voordeel, which would also consist of only dynamic ad groups. Within these campaigns we would create ad groups just like the menu items we saw on the website. This made our lives a lot easier, as well as those of the ads manager. He or she would immediately understand where she’s be able to find which ad and that is the key to good management.


Another important thing to manage is the keywords. Imagine if you use the same keyword in ad groups Heren-Schoenen-Sneakers and Heren-Schoenen-Voetbalschoenen. Let’s say the keyword is Adidas. That wouldn’t be a problem because one ad group is promoting Adidas sneakers and the other is promoting Adidas Soccer shoes. But if you would split the Heren-Schoenen-Voetbalschoenen into two categories, let’s say Fall19-20 and Autumn19-20, you’d have to be careful not to use the same keywords. Because otherwise they might compete with each other.

Type of keywords

Usually Google suggests to start with BBM (broad match modifier) keywords as these are broad enough to teach you what works but not too broad so they won’t become irrelevant. Once you have gained a few numbers on your campaigns, you can evaluate each keyword and try playing with different variations like the phrase match and the exact match. A lot of big Google Ads customers create three of the same ad groups in one campaign; one of the ad groups has all the keywords in BBM, the other has only exact keywords and the last offers al keywords in phrase match. This is something that’s only done by advanced customers, to see which keywords are working and which aren’t. You are always free to adjust anything you want as you go.

Bid type

It’s very tempting to start with a bid strategy right from the start because it saves you a lot of time. However, it’s not the smartest move. Because it’ll probably cost you a lot of money. With new customers like we always start with a manual bid strategy. You can use the keyword planner if you want an idea on how much you should bid per keyword. And you can adjust that, as you get more numbers and learn what works and what doesn’t in your campaigns. Google Ads consists for a big part of trial and error and you’ll keep learning as you go.


You might not know this, but Google has a lot of vendor companies whose employees implement improvements for the bigger clients. Or at least, they suggest them. And these employees also get the improvements from the start screen right after logging in. So you can rely on these tips, just like we do. Of course, these are computer generated so you will always have to check whether or not they make sense. But you’ll see that in most cases they do. And you can learn a lot from it. Especially about how to make sure your ads are in line with Googles best practices.